5th Biennial Design Science Symposium
Detailed Schedule

April 15–17, 2016
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence

Programming will take place in the Metcalf Auditorium at the Chace Center (20 N. Main Street), at the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab (13 Waterman Street), at Prov/Wash (20 Washington Place) and Co-Works (212 Union Street).

Friday, April 15th Saturday, April 16th Sunday, April 17th

Nature Lab — Waterman Building
Tours of The Edna Lawrence Nature Lab and Arthur Loeb Design Science Collection

Participants will enjoy tours of both the Arthur Loeb Design Science Teaching Collection and RISD’s Edna Lawrence Nature Lab.

The Loeb Collection features hundreds of three-dimensional polyhedra and two-dimensional patterns that inspire students and faculty to examine nature’s fundamental responses to design problems.

The Nature Lab, with its collection of more than 80,000 natural history objects, books, visual resources, microscopes and digital workstations, serves as an invaluable research facility for the RISD community.

Chace Center — RISD Museum
Nature Lab — Waterman Building
Design Science Showcase

Symposium participants are invited to show artwork, models or other recent projects in an informal, conversational setting in the Nature Lab.
Nature Lab — Waterman Building
Welcome Reception & Dennis Dreher "Space Weaving" Exhibition Opening

Space Weaving, a new exhibition curated by Amy Leitdke, RISD Senior Critic in Industrial Design, will be on view. The show will feature the work of sculptor Dennis Dreher, who is a former colleague of R. Buckminster Fuller.

Dennis Dreher Garden Party (detail view), wire and glass marbles
Chace Center — RISD Museum
D.W. Jacobs Performance

R. Buckminster Fuller: The History (and Mystery) of the Universe

Hosted by the RISD Architecture Department.
dw jacobs icon sm
D.W. Jacobs