Synergetics Collaborative and the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) have organized Biennial Design Science Symposia since 2007. These symposia explore the field of Design Science and provide an interactive meeting of makers, thinkers, practitioners and educators.

We strive to keep the work of R. Buckminster Fuller current, relevant, and applied. Fuller’s design approach as ‘comprehensive anticipatory design science’ combines an emphasis on individual initiative and integrity with whole systems thinking, scientific rigor and faithful reliance on nature’s underlying principles.

Themes: Past and Present


Synergetics and Morphology: Explorations into the Shapes of Nature


Design Science: Nature’s Problem Solving Method


Nature, Geometry, and the Symmetry of Space


STEM to STEAM thru Synergy: Bridging Morphology, Biomimicry, Sustainability, and Synergetics


STEAM Intelligence