The 2019 Symposium, Inclusive Narratives from Nature, was exciting and thought-provoking and we thank all who attended!

Videography + Editing credits: RISD Media Resources and Ashish Ravinran from Portsdown Road Pictures LLC
Photography credits: Erin Perfect, Megan Brief [MA 21 NCSS], and John Beck [MID 20]

Keynote Speakers

View the recorded presentations from Andrea Lipps (Associate Curator of Contemporary Design at Cooper Hewitt) and Michael Ben-Eli (Founder of Sustainability Laboratory).

Featured Speakers

View the recorded presentations from Sara Jensen Carr (Program Director for the Master of Design in Sustainable Urban Environments at Northeastern University), Charlotte McCurdy (Interdisciplinary Designer and Global Security Fellow at RISD), Justin Cook (Founding Director of the Center for Complexity (CfC) at RISD), and Nicole L’Huillier (Transdisciplinary artist and PhD Candidate at MIT Media Lab, Opera of the Future group).

Breakout Sessions

Stimulating Presentations, Conversations, and Skill Sharing

Attendee Design Science Forum

Attendees participated in open discussion about the symposium and share-n-tells in a small-group round-table format, conducive to informal conversations and sharing

Panel Discussions

View recordings of Saturday Panel Discussion: Land Strategies and Sustainability with Sara Jensen Carr, Alberto de Salvatierra, Michael Ben-Eli, and David Kim (Director of Co-Works at RISD) and of Sunday Panel Discussion (*Available Soon*): Knowledge and Systemic Relationships with Nicole L’Huillier, Justin Cook, Charlotte McCurdy, and Daniel Hewitt (Executive Director of Research at RISD)

Cosmic Fishing Awards

2019 Participants